martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Realistic Eye. by Mayra René

Doll making friends:

I want to give you this tutorial and digital images of pupils, created by me on photoshop to achieve a realistic effect on the dolls.

just drag the image, thats is on jpeg format and follow the following instructions.

Realistic Eyes Tutorial.

1- this file is meant to be printed in colored ink

2 .- cut out each one separately. Trim only the pupil. you can use scissors or a punch.

3 .- Now, you will need to have several pearls that are used to make necklaces.

4 .- Take a pupil. place it with the printing faced-down and now rub it gently with the round end of the brush. so that it takes the shape of a half sphere.

5 .- Now, place a small amount of glue on the pearl

6 .- Carefully place the pupil on the glue. now press.

7 .- Wait until its completely dry.

8 .- When dry, apply a small amount of sculpey brand Glase and wait for it to dry.

9 .- Once dry, you will get a realistic eye, with unique glossy color.

Good Luck!!

3 comentarios:

moti dijo...

Thank UUUUUUUUUU so much for this great help!!!!!, It´s always hard and expensive to find proper eyes!!!!!
regards from Spain!!!

Luzmina Jalil dijo...

Fabuloso Mayra!! gracias!! :D

Dianne Mayne Forche dijo...

Thank you!!! Gracias!! Hugs, Dianne